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Bibliophilia: The Fallen One - Lenore Wolfe

Bibliophilia: The Fallen One - Lenore Wolfe: Title: The Fallen One Series: Sons of the Dark Mother, #1 Author: Lenore Wolfe Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy Publisher: Triquetr...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Blog Hop!!



Okay folks! This the favorite month of everything paranormal. So we're going to have some fun this month!! We will be giving away a paranormal book every day this month. Sign up for this blog to be entered and drop me an email at so that I know to enter you in the contest! Also, follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook to be entered. Join all the blogs on this list and be entered for each one entered.  This is an honor system:) All you have to do is send me an email and let me know how many blogs you have followed, and that is how many times I will enter you in the contest!! There is no end to the number of times you can enter!
All winners will be announced on October 31!!

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Halloween Hop!!:


Sunday, September 25, 2011

To be released in November 2011

Hi fans, I'm happy to tell you that my new book from the Sons of the Dark Mother Series, has a tentative date to be released in November. I'm very excited about this and I look forward to what you have to say about this exciting new series.The Fallen One is Dark Fantasy: What would you do if your family was threatened? Your future destroyed? And the very people who swore to protect you, now hunted you?
The Jaguar People watch out for their own. They are an ancient race, sent to protect the human race of earth. But Justice fell outside the control of their people one fateful day, when murder was the only way to save his family. That was the day he learned--everything he'd been taught was a lie.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

See these GREAT authors!!

- Immortal Embrace

Immortal Embrace (Embrace Series)

Doorway of the Triquetra

THE ANGEL'S ARE HERE vs Doorway of the Triquetra
Paradox - The Angels Are HereDoorway of the Triquetra (Children of the Atlantis)


Crossroads Immortal Embrace (Embrace Series) 

CrossroadsThe Superiors

Moon Spell: Part One in the Tale of LunarmorteImmortal Embrace (Embrace Series)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vote for Team Triquetra!!

As we begin this Blowout Summer Blog Hop, these are all the blogs you'll want to visit to get to know these authors, and the blogs who are sponsoring them, and decide which great book you will be voting for!:) We need your votes! the bloggers here will be trying to win your vote! Watch as these great bloggers win your votes! Visit these blogs to see why!!

Team Crossroads!!


Image of Mary Ting

Mary Ting

Team Moon Spell!!

Moon Spell: Part One in the Tale of Lunarmorte (Volume 1)

Samantha Young

Samantha Young

Team Immortal Embrace!!

Immortal Embrace (Embrace Series)

Charlotte Blackwell

Charlotte Blaclwell

Team Paradox!!
Paradox - The Angels Are Here

Image of Patti Roberts

Patti Roberts

Team Superiors!!

The Superiors (Volume 1)

Image of Lena Hillbrand

Lena Hillbrand

Team Triquetra!!

Doorway of the Triquetra (Children of the Atlantis)

Image of Lenore Wolfe

Other Blogs to Follow on this Great Summer Event!!
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Don't miss out on this most original story!!

5 stars Jayde Scott rated it
Shelves: great-description, paranormal, touching, well-written
This must be the most inventive story I've read in a long time. I absolutely loved Mira because she's confident and feisty but with a feminine and alluring side to her. I thought the paranormal elements were fantastic and so very different to anything that's flooding the paranormal fiction market. The mystery of the medallion kept me at the edge of my seat. Can't wait to find out more about Mira's past lives and her connections to the men who've mysteriously entered her life.

Paranormal Doorway to the Triquetra

Lenore Wolfe's writing is flawless and she sure knows how to keep up the suspense and build drama. That's rare to find in an author. The characters were mysterious and thrilling. I kept turning one page after another until I read the whole book in one setting. Can't wait for the next book in the series to find out what happens next. Thoroughly recommended read. Don't miss out on this most original story.